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The rules for submitting, reviewing and publishing scientific articles

1. “Journal of Pedagogical Innovations” – the official publication of the scientific-practical direction established by the Novosibirsk State Pedagogical University (PI № 77-13977 of November 18, 2002), which provides:

previously unpublished scientific articles, dedicated to the promotion of scientific and educational environment of innovative approaches in pedagogy, development of modern educational technologies, methods and techniques of innovative management in the education system;

materials and results of scientific-practical conferences.

2. “Journal of Pedagogical Innovations” is a peer reviewed scientific publication. Materials submitted to the editorial Board, are reviewed with an analysis of the novelty of their content. The publication provides a review of all submitted materials relevant to its subject, for their expert evaluation. All reviewers are acknowledged experts on the subject of the reviewed materials and have for the last 3 years, publications on peer-reviewed articles. Reviews are stored in the publishing house and the editorial office for 5 years.

The Editorial Board of Journal to adopt publication policies to ensure that ethical and responsible research is published.

These publication policies might include the items presented in the sections below.

The main contents publication policies aimed at identifying misconduct such as possible data fabrication, falsification, plagiarism, image manipulation, unethical research, biased reporting, authorship abuse, redundant or duplicate publication, and undeclared conflicts of interest.

The Editorial Board sends the authors of submissions copies of the review or a reasoned refusal

3. Requirements for materials to be printed.

3.1. Materials should be prepared for printing. The content of the article should be checked by the author on the subject of grammar, stylistic mistakes and to answer scientific style of presentation.

3.2. Metadata of the article in Russian and English:

– information about the author (s): full name, position, academic title, place of work, email address, city; the title of the article; ORCID;

– abstract (not less than 1000 characters), which must be clearly stated the purpose of the article and the main idea of the work;

– key words (at least 7).

3.3. The author of the article must: identify the problem situation, the methodology of the study; to reveal the main content corresponding to the scope of the journal; to draw conclusions.

3.4. At the end of the article a reference list (minimum 15 sources), on which was based the author (authors) in preparing the articles for publication. The list of references should have the successive numeration throughout the text, to take shape in square brackets, placed after the quotation from the appropriate source. The list of references should be strictly in accordance with GOST R 7.0.5-2008


Razumnikova O. M., Nikolaeva E. I. Inhibitory brain functions and age-associated specificitiesin organization of cognitive activity. Advances in Physiological Sciences, 2019, vol. 50 (1), pp. 75–89. (In Russian) DOI:

3.5. Articles should be sent to the following address:

3.6. Articles are by the editors. The date of article submission to the journal shall be the date of receipt of the final text.

3.7. Detailed information about the journal and publication of posted on the page

Articles that do not meet the scope of the journal, not formatted according to the rules, without annotations, with incorrect references will be rejected.