Editorial Board and Editorial Council



Evgeniya Borisovna Maruschak

Candidate of Psychological Sciences,

Head of the Institute of continuous Еducation

Editor-in-Chief Assistant

Tatyana Viktorovna Khomchenko

Head Assistant of the Institute of continuous Education

Editorial Board:

R. O. Agavelyan, Dr. of Psychology Sciences, Professor, Novosibirsk;

E. V. Andrienko, Dr. of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor, Academician of ASMPE, Novosibirsk;

L. B. Baryaeva, Dr. of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor, Moscow;

L. V. Kovrigina, Cand. of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor, Novosibirsk;

A. V. Seryj, Dr. of Psychology Sciences, Professor, Kemerovo;

A. G. Smolyanynova, Dr. of Pedagogical Sciences, Prof., Academician of the RAE, Krasnoyarsk.

Editorial Council:

A. D. Gerasev, Chairman of Editorial Council, Dr. of Biological Sciences, Prof., Academician

of ASMPE (Novosibirsk);

N. V. Altynikova, Cand. of Pedagogical Sciences, corr.-member of ASMPE (Moscow);

T. Yu. Azatyan, Cand. of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor (Yerevan, Armenia)

O. O. Andronnikova, Cand. of Psychology Sciences, Associate Professor (Novosibirsk);

E. I. Artamonova, Dr. of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor, President ASMPE (Moscow);

A. Zh. Zhafyarov, Dr. of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor, Corr.-Member of the RAE (Novosibirsk);

S. Yu. Kondratieva, Dr. of Psychology Sciences, Professor (Saint-Petersburg);

S. I. Kudinov, Dr. of Psychology Sciences, Professor (Moscow);

V. D. Nechaev, Dr. of Political Sciences, Professor (Sevastopol);

V. Ya. Sinenko, Dr. of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor, Academician of the RAE (Novosibirsk);

M. S. Yanickiy, Dr. of Psychology Sciences, Professor, (Kemerovo);

A. M. Sidorkin, PhD, Professor, Road Island College, Providence (USA);

I. I. Shulga, Dr. of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor (Novosibirsk)